Cayman firm offers ‘Hand Up’ with giving initiative

Local company helps baby elephant rescued from well
July 28, 2016

Ronco Cayman, a Cayman-based information technology company, has launched a giving programme, “Hand Up”, which supports charities both locally and internationally. The initiative aims to assist those in need globally through relationships with various organisations, including UK-based Children’s Helpers Worldwide (CHW) and Save the Elephants, which is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ronco’s relationship with international charities extends back many years. Darrell Hines, Ronco managing director, who has roots in Kenya, said he felt inspired by his heritage to reach out and help those in need wherever they live.

“The philosophy behind our giving programme is that even the smallest gestures can make a big difference in somebody’s life,” Hines said. “We look for opportunities to give people and organisations a ‘Hand Up’ – not a hand out. There’s a role for every business – no matter how large or small – to help those in need.”

Recently, Ronco assisted Children’s Helpers Worldwide fund the tuition of a young man in Ghana so he could attend school and study civil engineering. The company has also offered to fund his upcoming second year of schooling. “If you make a difference to one person’s life the snowball effect it has on many others’ is incalculable,” said Sally Hendricken, Ronco CFO.
Among its charitable work over the past two years, Ronco has helped CHW sponsor a tutoring-and-mentoring system run by Refugiu in Romania, purchased food for an orphanage in Ghana, and assisted with medical costs and housing for a child in China.

CFW founder, Catherine Franks said,“We are so grateful to Darrell Hines and his company Ronco Cayman. The help they are providing for the children is life-changing.” Locally, Ronco plays a large part in the annual 25 Days of Christmas toy drive, held in Cayman since 2008 and started by Hines’ daughters, Victoria and Elisabeth. This initiative is the single largest source of donations for the Department of Children and Family Services, and also donates toys to the paediatric ward at the Health Services Authority.

Over the past few years, Ronco has also contributed to a number of locally based charities and organisations including the Cayman Heart Foundation, the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, One Dog at a Time, St Baldrick’s Foundation Heroes for Hannah, The Pines, The National Council of Voluntary Organisations, and the West Bay Football Academy. “I may hail from Kenya, but Cayman is my home. Having one hand helping at home whilst the other makes a difference abroad is a perfect balance and the message is clear: as small an island as we are, our reach is great,” said Hines.
“It is a motivator for Ronco to be able to support these charities locally and globally. We truly believe that small differences make large changes; there are always those that need that helping ‘Hand Up’, and to be able to dive in to people’s lives and make an impact, no matter how small it is, is what makes it all so worthwhile.”

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