We focus. We specialise. Cybersecurity is our domain.


Our remit; secure and protect your data and systems. We look after you leaving you to look after your business.







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No matter your business type, key to your operations is ensuring you have adequate measures in place to combat cybersecurity threats. Malicious attacks, internal and external threats, ransomware, malware, phishing attempts, data extraction, are all on the rise and they are 24x7.

Threat analysis, Data Loss Prevention, (DLP), access and information rights, data ownership and protection, intrusion detection, risk mitigation, are all major concerns that require analysis, understanding, management and implementation.

Is your data secure in the cloud?

Are your mobile devices securely managed?

Do you comply with regulatory requirements?

Are your staff cybersecurity trained and aware?

Good cybersecurity governance is key. Government authorities and regulatory bodies are mandating businesses towards a more controlled and regimented world of data and process governance, management and protection.

Halo, our cybersecurity division, approaches all engagements based on industry recognized standards such as NIST, ISO, PCI, GDPR etc.

We listen. We question. We assess. No compromise. We may be a cybersecurity and cloud services enabled technology company, but we are led by an understanding of business, first and foremost. Some of our engagement offerings include:

  • Phishing awareness education and training.
  • Cyber threat analysis and auditing.
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Data and user security, analysis, management and reporting.
  • Security, Incident and Event Management (SIEM).
  • Risk and compliance audits.
  • Compliance with regulatory or authority driven mandates.
  • Policy and process documents creation, such as IRP (Incident Response Plan) for example.

Managed Services

Our service offerings are flexible and straightforward. We provide you access to cloud and infrastructure expertise and a 20 year track record in business.

All clients are treated with equal importance regardless of size or volume. Our  cost efficient, customised managed service agreements allow for flexibility and growth.

"We drive to achieve service excellence; it’s a human to human engagement."

Ronco Support

We offer true, rapid service response, pro-active maintenance, remote support, stock and automated 24x7 monitoring and alerting. 

‘We keep it simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated and personal’.

Our Helpdesk  provides you with end to end ownership of a support ticket, from alert to resolution.

We use some of the best vendors in the business


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